It is letters like this that keep us French.

yoo son, i did no ever here something bad till i heared beret. it is mo bad. capital M capital o MO BAD. fo real. anyway, the muchness with how you suck blows me mind. damn! fuck you guys. i hate you. all hate you. all them hate you and my friends hate you and their paretns. AND THEY ARE EVEN FRENCH 2!!!11!1!1! i can no more type b/c of the beret in my ears hurts all my body. oWW my fingers!1!111!! C U L8r.

F'real, we got this. This was actually sent to us. Man. Man-o-man. Fuck. Idiot. I mean, no, nevermind. I won't even get into it. I'm just saying, if Reagan had got his way people like this wouldn't be around to bother us. Any of us. Think about it. Vote republican. Obviously...

Well, at least we updated it. Keep sending your worthless thoughts to us so we can laugh at you with our friends.