It is letters like this that keep us French.

Hello you no talent ass bastards

I saw you frog bastards on warped tour. One question;
How many cocks does a band as awfull as yours have to
suck to be allowed to play?

What the fuck is wrong with your "singer" He was too
drunk to be understood. What the fuck was he saying

-and punching little kids? You're lucky that wasn't
one of my friends. Or me. I would have ripped you
apart. You'd have a death wish. I'm sure you already
do. I hope you are watching your fucking backs!!

Where the fuck did your guitar player go? Did he
finally sober up and realize his band fucking sucked?

I'd be afraid that you'd try to hurt me for sending
this, but you're french. I'm pretty sure I can handle
the sight of a white flag. Pussies.

Words fail us. And not just because we don't speak the language. This dumb-fuck didn't capitalize Warped Tour. What an idiot. I mean, how stupid can you get? You always capitalize proper nouns. This freak needs his throat cut with blunt scissors. We'll tazer his nuts and beat him with our belts right before we shove that white flag up his ass sideways.

So, write this fool at cutthroatfreakshow@yahoo.com and attach an e-finger on behalf of us.

And please, keep the hatemail coming to ihateberet@angryfrenchmen.com