It is letters like this that keep us French.

Hello there,

Now, usually I don't send hateful e-mails, but i had to just this once. There's a reason you say you're "america's only french hardcore band"... no other french band made it. well? Because they are french. And I promise that you wont make it either.

"So show America that you really hate it, and COMMIT TO BUSH RIGHT NOW!!" Thank you for giving me a reason to tell you to go back to France or Canada (?). Your political views are unwanted.

Before i find something else to comment on, i will go. Good luck.


This one isn't even that bad, but that's only because her limited vocabulary prevented her from truly expressing the rage she is obviously feeling. Nimrods like this should be in the service industry where they belong, only using computers to help with the complicated task of adding the cost of Big Macs and milkshakes. Feel free to write to Kristin and correct her many grammatical errors at cellaphanegirl@yahoo.com.

And please, keep the hatemail coming to ihateberet@angryfrenchmen.com