Amidst rumors of deportation, murder, and three-hour tours, has the definitive story behind Beret!'s untimely absence from this year's Warped Tour!!

Everything was French hardcore as usual for Beret! as they embarked on the Warped Tour for their third consecutive year. They were to play the Space Station stage and murder no more than 3-4 pathetic Americans per show, but beyond all that, they had a mission. This mission was to patiently await the arrival of Good Charlotte on this year's tour and retrieve the severed head of Benji before the last day in Boston. But when you openly announce your top-secret plans on stage everyday, word gets out, and before long, Beret!'s intentions were common knowledge, even being mentioned in the August edition of Blender Magazine. Naturally, when word got back to Good Charlotte that their long time nemesis Beret! was out for blood, they got scared. Real scared. So scared they decided to cancel their stint on Warped Tour and spend the rest of their Summer searching for their father. But the major labels had to protect their interest, so they served up Beret! with a whopper of an ultimatum : Leave the tour immediately or they will release the Beret! sex tapes they have been holding over the bands head for all these years. So obviously the choice was clear.

So Good Charlotte was safe to rejoin the tour for now, but to show their detest, Beret! has released a new shirt portraying the final solution for pop-punk at the hands of French superhumans!! Pick one up today and voice your hate with a French accent!!

Beret! is currently channeling their anger into new music for their next album, so check back for more info and MP3's as they come!!