"Beret!, six guys in striped shirts and pencil mustaches, who lifted up one youngster and twirled him around until he was green, then stopped to break up a fight in the crowd. Sadly, half their potential fans ran off to watch the cops arrest the instigator." - Kate Sullivan, Spin, Oct. 2003

That's it. Don't run out and buy the mag just because your favorite french band is mentioned inside, because that's the entirety of the mention. Go out and buy the mag because you love Dashboard Confessional, who is on the cover. Go out and buy the mag because of the revealing Good Charlotte article contained within. Go buy the mag because you wanna hear about Jack Osborne and his "insane narcotics". Then never come to this site again. Never email us or come to a show, because it's you people that make us more French. Every copy of the October Spin that is bought because someone wants to have more insight into the life of Benji and Joel is another hair on our moustaches, another stripe on our shirt, another scar in our hearts, and the only way to repay these gifts is to hate more passionately, punch more often, and scream more French.

But thank you Spin for catching our show, and special thanks to Katie for the support. Go check out Suicide Girls, dammit, and Spin