Their ever-growing contempt for America has given birth to unconditional support of Bush's 2nd term!

Beret!, not to be left out of the current political fervor, has chosen sides based on the candidate they believe can usher in the America of their dreams - an America that is flown straight into the ground and piloted by G.W. Bush! Based on virtually every statement and action made by the fledgling Bush, from fuzzy taxing to mindless invasion, Beret! firmly believes that a vote for Bush is a vote for the inescapable failure of America!! And although Beret! would not and can not ever be caught near an American voting booth, the can shout their own dogmatic propaganda from every other corner of this free nation, in French if they please, and hopefully round up a few more dissenters for Bush.

So show America that you really hate it, and COMMIT TO BUSH RIGHT NOW!!