Name: Henri En Coule

Occupation: A bringer of death... and the storm of course.

Place of Birth: New York, NY

Wine or Beer: Wine

Brand of Cigarettes: Camel Turkish Royal

Favorite Cheese: De la Rue

Favorite French Film: City of Lost Children

Favorite American Music: Cleric, Candiria, the Jaw

Why the Franc is Better: I dont eat shit...

Least Favorite Thing About America: Good Charlotte

What Stripes Mean to You: They embody the most unspeakable forms of hatred and disgust. They surround me always and remind me why I do this... and why you must die.

If Your Moustache Was an Animal it Would be: Something that would kill you slowly and painfully

The Moment you Turned French: Seeing the video for the 2nd adema single

What Makes Him French: My ambition to use my anger instead of surpressing it and my ability to smoke cigarettes and drink wine constantly without ever getting cancer or liver disease. Il suce ma merde.